Rebecka Eggers Presents



Stiff medicine for your unexpected moment of reckoning!  

I know. You take to challenge like unicorns take to rainbows. 

For you the phrase "up by your bootstraps" isn’t just some urban legend.

It’s a way of life.  

In fact, you have overcome more than most people ever even hear rumors about.

That is what makes this moment so utterly baffling.

You have finally encountered something you can’t tear apart, climb over or walk around.

In fact, not only are you out of bootstraps, you’re fresh out of boots.


You had one hell of a footwear blowout back there.

Worse yet, the terrain ahead is littered with the sharp, unforgiving, red hot debris of what used to be your life. 

Welcome to the chaos zone!

Now, you have a choice to make.

You can white knuckle this moment.



You can figure out how to slap a saddle on this mess and ride it like a fine Arabian stallion. 

For that you need a Chaos Whisperer extraordinaire. 

That's where I come in. 

Together you and I will speak to the maelstrom


Take Your Life from Wrecked to Radiant. 

Sounds spiffy, ay?! 

But seriously...

Why should you believe me? 

You shouldn't! 

You should demand nothing less than hardcore proof. 

Which is what you were thinking anyway, right? 


Hardcore proof on a volcanic platter coming right up. 

For qualified applicants only!

Snag the undeniable proof of your own experience. 

Apply for your complimentary Set-Yourself-Free Strategy Session today. 

Session Benefits:

Gain clarity about where you are

Discover where you'd like to wind up

Uncover the obstacles that lie in between &

Walk away with a concrete strategy for taking your life From Wrecked to Radiant.