Step #2: Register for Trauma to Triumph Part I

Harness the Primal

During this 10-session program we will: 

Confront the things that are holding you back

Restore your primal instincts 

Discard old weaknesses &

Develop present day strengths.


Throw away your self help books

Fire your guru &

Go get yourself an adversary.

Call me when you've got one! 


Session Benefits:

  • Gain clarity about where you are
  • Find out what is keeping you stuck
  • Discover where you want to be
  • Learn how you can close the gap between the life you have and the one you want
  • Create a strategy for surviving the bonfire of your self-help books with aplomb
  • Snag your chance to apply for my Trauma to Triumph Program.

***This session is available to individuals who have never had a session with me before. If you have already had your discover session, contact me here in order to discuss next steps.***