Coming Alive!

Is It Right for You?

I am not going to write a single line of sales copy here.

In fact, I am going to tell you that this book is not for everyone and that you should carefully consider whether you are ready for what you will find on the pages.

Coming Alive! is a profound exploration of the world in which we live and our relationship to it. It is a hard hitting critique of the emerging global police state, its origins, and the many ways in which we have all agreed to abide by its rules. This book is also a journey into and back out of the the ugly, exploitative way we have chosen to live together on this planet.

Ultimately, Coming Alive! can be your initiation into a world made up of new possibilities for you as an individual and for the human race as a whole. It can open the door to an unbelievably beautiful and empowered new way of showing up for life and relating.

But it is also disruptive.

I know this to be true because writing this book often took me to the edge of my sanity and certainly to the edge or my tolerance for beauty and my own sovereignty. Over and over again, this book has challenged me to change myself and to create my life and relationships anew right here and right now.

There is no promise of a better tomorrow in this book. There is only the promise of what we, as human beings, might create together on small and grand scales alike.

On a personal level, this book, rather unexpectedly, gave me back my womanly pizazz and, best of all, it ended up pulling my head out of my love-it-all-better-NICE-girl ass. This allowed me to begin to see and address the true nature of the patterns and blind spots that kept me from building a thriving life.

Ultimately, Coming Alive! freed my passion and my desires from the manipulation traps that kept me stuck (including my own self sabotage). And it continues to do this liberating work in my life at graduating levels every time I touch it.

Coming Alive! is both the birth child and the genesis of my experience trailblazing my Passion Path. It unequivocally put me in touch with the personal and global importance of living from and through our authentic desire. 

So, not a word of sales copy, but rather an invitation to a journey that could change everything and a solid hope to meet you on the other side.