Frequently Asked Questions Answered Here:

What is Uprising?

Maybe the best way for me to answer that is to tell you what I am:

I am a political activist, working on one psyche at a time.

When I wrote my book, Coming Alive!, I discovered that the things ailing this planet on a collective level are not that much different from the things ailing individuals on a very personal level. Trauma, exploitation, abuse...These things plague so many people and they shape and inform our collective experience dramatically.

That means Uprising is inherently connected to the emerging communal desire to create a new way of inhabiting this planet together.

It is also profoundly linked to the individual work that we must each do in order to create the very personal Uprisings that will take our lives from an atmosphere of suffering, struggling and surviving to one that supports our flourishing as human beings. 

Uprising is my contribution to the future. 

Uprising is a collection of potent, life altering experiences personally designed and handcrafted by me to take your life from Trauma to Triumph.

Through my Uprising programs, I turn trauma into triumph by leading my clients into the core of their pain, resolving it and unleashing their power. Thereafter, I continue to support my clients in creating desire-centered lives from a place of clarity and wholeness.

I am a master at teaching others to fashion the solutions and strategies they require.

Every experience I offer is customized and improvised for you from within a powerful framework honed through many years of coaching people in crisis. 

What can you and Uprising do for me, Rebecka?

Ah, the only question that really matters!

Very bluntly speaking, Uprising is a poison cocktail designed to rid your life of the circumstances that are holding you down.

It is also the sweet breath of life that will take your desire from one tiny ember of hope to a flaming bonfire of satisfaction.

Warning: Neither the poisoning of second rate lives nor the fanning of desire flames happen on the cheap.  

If we decide to work together, we will create your Uprising via a series of customized intimate, interactive experiences.  Together we will confront what needs to be confronted and place your desire into the central focus of your life.

Disclaimer: This could cost you not less than every ounce of your misery. 

Why do you do this work, Rebecka?

It makes me happy. I desire to do it. 

I am absolutely enthralled by the experience of watching lives change for the better.

There is nothing on earth for me that compares to the moment when the tiny morsels of understanding explode into one moment of ultimate clarity that immediately unravels a lifetime of living according to other people’s agendas and ushers in a whole new range of possibilities for my client. 


When that ultimate moment of clarity finally hits on of my clients, I find myself face to face with a hot, red blooded, fire breathing, full fledged INDIVIDUAL who will not be denied her pleasure and fulfillment for even one moment longer.

What could be better than that?!

How Do I Know if Uprising is right for me?

The short answer is: 

Learn by doing! 

The slightly longer answer: 

Uprising is right for you if you just can’t do the status quo any longer and the word MORE isn’t so much what you want. It’s who you are!

Or it’s who you know you could be with just the right spark!

That Sounds Really Pretty. But I Have Some Hardcore Shit to Deal With!

Excellent point! Not to worry. You have come to the right place.

Hardcore shit is my specialty. If your ass is on fire in the present or you feel like you are never going to be able to put an end to your past, I am exactly the woman you want to call. 

Not only do I have the bucket of water, I specialize in giving trauma the knock out punch and in turning your crises into pattern busting adventures.

I just don’t stop there!

I won’t be satisfied until you obliterate the gap between your old life of healing and survival and your new, undeniably fabulous, life of thriving and endless possibilities!

I won’t be finished until you are achieving your desires and living with power and clarity.