It Resonated

It Resonated

When I called out your name today,
I admit it,
I was lonely, 
Lost in my meager world,
Skin tattered
From too many hours
Crawling naked in the briars,
Too many days
In the labyrinth
Breathing air laced with barbed wire.

So I reached for you.
I confess to craving
And to cunning desire
In my heart.

I needed to remember
Golden moments
Of splendor and ease,
Needed you to remind me
Of another world
Amidst the trees,
A day spent with my face
Pressed in
To the bosom of earth
Twigs and grass
Tickling me,
Inducing me to smile

And of hours wiled away,
My breath caught,
My mind silent,
In shiny pools
Of splendid brown.

Not muddy water
Not this dingy grey that
Seeps out and envelopes us
Not this haze of forgetfulness
Or perhaps it is an ancient memory
Wrought in days before we saw any light at all
Instead of sweet remembrance,
I felt the sting
Of your metaphorical hand
On the soft flesh of my cheek.
Not full on contact,
Just a glance!

It resonated.

© Rebecka Eggers 2009

About The Author

Rebecka Eggers, The Dream Midwife™ is a Meditation Improv Artist; the creator of the FLARE Brand Storytelling Method; the author of Coming Alive!: Spirituality, Activism, & Living Passionately in the Age of Global Domination; and the creator of Dream Alchemy, The Revelation Story, a Breathtakingly Beautiful Dream Realization Adventure for Advanced Seekers Who Stand Ready to Write the Myths of Victory for this Age & to Live By Them. She lives in the mountainous highlands of Mexico, where she uses the tools of modern communication to make all kinds of trouble for every last stagnant, soul killing enemy of your potential. Rebecka helps you bring your dreams to life. She is trained as a Metaphysical Minister, a Co-Active Life Coach, a Reiki Master, and a tax lawyer (probably weren't expecting that last part, eh?). Finally, Rebecka holds a certificate in Digital Marketing through Emeritus and Columbia University, awarded with distinction in 2017.