Donald Drumpf & the Mythological Do-Over of Epic Proportions

Donald Drumpf & the Mythological Do-Over of Epic Proportions

We are on the edge of a mythological do-over of the utmost importance.

In my book, Coming Alive!, I traced the source of domination-based, hierarchical, patriarchal relating back to a Babylonian myth that emerged under circumstances quite similar to the ones we face now: resource shortages and environmental destruction as the population and the societal customs outstripped the carrying capacity of the land.

This happened in the fertile crescent in ancient Babylon (in the cradle of modern civilization).

The mythology provided a savior, a demagogue to beat all demagogues. He (Marduk) promised to slay the mother goddess and restore order on one condition: All the other gods had to surrender ultimate power to him.

It was in this context that humanity and the world were created (from the dismembered body of the dead mother goddess). Suddenly the feminine went from partnership in the creative process to the mere raw material of creation. But beyond that, humanity became nothing more than the servants of the demagogue in divine guise.  

This morning it occurred to me that Donald Drumpf, with all his crazy gaffs, is just making Marduk abundantly clear in our own modern mythology. He is the patriarchal agenda of self aggrandizement brought to its logical, and even comical extreme. He proclaims that he alone can save us and the price is the surrender of everything that has made the United States what it is today (a flawed, but continuing Republic).

I did a tarot reading the other day. The reading supported the possibility that Drumpf's reign would generate richness and abundance just as he promises from the comfort of his gilded chairs (just as the legacy of the patriarchy and the capitalism it birthed has been unbelievable prosperity for generations in the first world). But that prosperity would come, just as this old prosperity came, at the cost of unjust government and unjust distribution.

I also did a reading on Hillary. It was not about a life of sensuous enjoyment and riches (if only for the few) as the Drumpf path was.

It was about accepting that a certain way of life had come to an end and about turning towards the future with clear vision and a determination to find meaning and truth.

Something new would emerge on this path through the breakdown of this old way of being and through the acceptance and forgiveness.

The reading suggested that, through Hillary, we have a chance to open up new and exciting possibilities by stepping outside our usual boundaries. In so doing, we could forge a new path for others to follow.

I also looked at Bernie. The reading showed all that we imagined was true with Bernie (at least when his campaign began)...namely that he could have ushered in a time of fundamental change and that it would have derived from the resolution of old polarities and the liberation of the potential that is held captive in our negative projections. "Together," he said.

But the reading also showed that this potential was not ripe. Specifically, the card that carried this message mentioned a changeling, fitful magic.

This seems true to me because by the end of Bernie's campaign, it had become as patriarchal as Drumpf's (even if it lacked the extreme elements). Bernie's campaign held the undeveloped potential to be the moment of cataclysmic change that was not fully ripe. We were not ready for the tower to simply come tumbling down.  

This morning, what I see is that we have work to do! If we elect Hillary, there will be a time of grieving and of coming to terms with what it means to dismantle the patriarchal patterns. The world won't change on a dime. Change is not even guaranteed. We will have to change things together through acceptance and forgiveness.

To me forgiveness means: no longer affected by. This means there will be wrongs that must be set right through the forging of a new path, bit by bit. There will be no miracle savior, no Marduk to make things right for us, no Tower event to tear apart the old order. It won't be as dramatic as that.

And yet, as Marduk falls from favor and loses the one thing that assured the totalitarian victory, namely our consent, a new world will become possible in all its stunning glory.

I've got my shovel at the ready. How about you?


This article begs a powerful question:

Why did they "need" to kill the mother?

Because the father had turned on them and she was guilty of colluding and of seeking revenge when they killed him. She chose the corrupt father over the offspring.

Isn't this why people hate Hillary? The mythology woven around her is that of the colluding mother, the traitor of a woman who sold out her "children."

The shadow material we are seeing play out now implies the corrupt, abusive mother who couldn't or wouldn't protect us from the father who violated his sacred duty to us - to protect and to serve.

We make up stories that say the mother was either too deluded to know what she was aiding and abetting (this way we can still love her because it wasn't her fault), or she was even more evil than he (this way we can justify Marduk).

A mother's job is to nurture. Oh what rage we feel when she fails in our eyes.

Postscript to the Postscript

Well damn. I guess we wiffed that one but good. Welcome to the times of Marduk.

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