Command Your Darkness
The Portal to Desire

Unfulfilled passion is like a black hole. The force of gravity it generates is so strong that not even light can resist its stubborn pull.

The powerful gravity of passion forsaken sucks your life into a vacuum and pushes it out the back-end. You wind up mired in an alternate universe defined by barely contained rage, suppressed grief, confusion, lack of vitality and shame.

In fact, if you look closely, you will find that you have never known anything else, at least not for any sustained period of time. The nebulous backdrop of your life has always (or almost always) provided the perfect fuel for a possibility bonfire. Truthfully, you have had very good reasons for living in a perpetual state of distress and for abandoning your dreams to the swamp of stagnation.

You were groomed for a life that prizes security over freedom and self expression. You were taught to worship peace and rigidity over having what you want. No wonder depression took the place of aliveness!

You were also encouraged to stay confused and to live in a devastating tug of war with truth and your own rage. You were taught to blame yourself and indoctrinated into the idea that there was something truly terrible about you that made it hard to love you.

Your survival depended on your willingness to accept these lessons abandon your own sense of value and distrust your knowing.

The End Result: The hopeless investment of your life into the tireless effort to just get by and to get rid of the barely contained rage that you feel certain you cannot unleash (or that you might!).   

Rage can make us feel like we are losing control. It feels dangerous. So, ironically, we shy away from it, and then it festers, becoming our secret store of seeping toxic waste.

Pity the fool who lays down the last straw!

Once more, because we are afraid to take control of our rage and use it, we dampen our truth and we sacrifice our energy, and ultimately, our well being, all in the name of keeping the peace.

The truth is, you are not confused. It's just safer to think you are.

You are likely not as depressed as you imagine either. You are exhausted from tamping down your anger (or trying to!), blaming yourself, denying what you know and walking away from what you want.   

Every single time you reach for your happiness, you swing back again, like a pendulum, to the familiar universe of your undoing.

And You Are Sick of It!

Well look-out honey!

Your anti-gravity, black-hole reversing machine has arrived!

I am here to help you unleash your passion and recover your truth.

I am also here to tell you that rage, confusion, lack of vitality, shame and grief are your most powerful allies. They are your portals to desire. When you learn to work with them instead of against them, you will find, hidden within them, your:

  • Razor sharp discernment;
  • Diamond-pure clarity;
  • Flowing fountain of hope & vigor;
  • Ecstasy in self-love & belonging (especially in your own body); &
  • Tears of joy.

Most importantly, you will find your own center in the midst of the tension between two polar opposite universes: the universe of perpetual chaos and disruption and the universe of growth and expansion.

Together we will open the portal to your desire and turn the corner of this work.

Behold! The Critical Shift Has Arrived!