Desire Immersion
Unleashing Your Authentic Hunger

You think wrangling your inner demons was a wild ride!?

Nothing in your experience has prepared you for a life of desire that's actually geared towards your own blossoming.

Up until now, you have played a survivalist game where the winning strategy was all about making it through the latest crisis and coping with the latest wounds and stressors.

The minute you decide to construct a life of thriving based on your own desire, everything in your pre-wired mind is going to scream:

Abort Mission!

Because you don't know the first thing about the rules that apply in a Game of Thrival.

Plus, all the things you are going to need as you cross this threshold are the very same things that could have cost you your life in a game of survival (or felt like they would!).

Your prior experiences have either trained you to suppress your desire in the face of other people's overstuffed demands or to impose yourself and your requirements on other people as the only means of ever receiving anything you need.

Now you are trying to immerse yourself in the desire you have never felt safe enough to trust before. On top of that monumental undertaking, you are planning to turn the reigns of your life over to this nearly atrophied part of yourself?!

If the very idea of it doesn't make you a tiny bit queasy, i'll eat my shoe (metaphorically speaking).

And we haven't even scratched the surface on this thing.

So grab yourself some anti-nausea meds and hold on tight for this next part...

Not only are you working to unleash your own desire. You are working to infiltrate a culture you don't understand.

Yep. That's right! You, my friend, are headed for the victory circle.

But first you have to find out what victory even looks like FOR YOU. You have to discover what you truly desire.

That's where I come in.

Desire Immersion isn't just some cliche about following that vague thing called "your bliss." It's the ultimate discovery mission. Together we will meet and embrace your true hunger.

In this series of sessions, we will

  • Make desire the arbiter of all your decisions; &
  • Turn your own yearnings into the (conscious) engine of your growth & development.    

By now you know the drill!