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Click the image to watch the whole Monday Mash-Up Debut or start at around minute 44 to watch my coaching session on the subject of Embracing Popularity.

Click the image to watch the whole Monday Mash-Up or start around minute 45 to go right into my coaching on the subject of The Devil In Us.

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This 1.5 hour strategy session is designed to support you in getting the clarity you need to answer Passion's call. Subscribe below to get 50% off (limited to one session per person).

This 1.5 hour strategy session is designed to support you in getting the clarity you need to answer Passion's call. Subscribe below to get 50% off (limited to one session per person).

This is a down & dirty working session. We jump right into the muck and the mud of whatever is happening in your life. Subscribe below to get 50% off (limited to one session per person).

This is a down & dirty working session. We jump right into the muck and the mud of whatever is happening in your life. Subscribe below to get 50% off (limited to one session per person).

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Three crazy-like-a-fox things you can do right now to get a little closer to never needing your snooze alarm again:

Watch Stop With the Love Already* to find out how putting "love" on pause could free up your heart to experience the love you desire.

 *I Gave This Presentation as a Part of the Love Revolution Series created by Mia Saenz.

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To free yourself from a global system and the personal habits and patterns that keep your passion, your potential and your focus trapped in survival mode.      

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Warning: No Words Minced Here. We Do the Shit Before We Do the Shine! 

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The Passion Path®
AKA Your Sweet & Sour, Down & Dirty Remedy for the Déjà Vu Blues... 

It's a Mindset: Unassailable.

It's an Identity: Revolutionary, Innovative & Richer Than A Ripe Red Strawberry Drenched in Gourmet, Fancy-Brand Chocolate.

It's a Way of Life: Unmistakably Passionate, Ever So Slightly (Ha!) Disruptive & Full of Sweet, Sweet Satisfaction.

It's Also a Monkey Wrench in the Works of Your Rinse & Repeat Life.

It'll Put a Stop to That Shit Faster Than You Can Say "Karmic Loop" Five Times Fast! (Not really. It actually involves a fair amount of work and dedication.)

Not sure what I mean?

Then let's talk. I mean dirty-laundry-and-all TALK!     

Does your life feel like a relentless enemy, an unfaithful lover, a ne'er-do-well who seems destined to let you down?  

Does it feel like every single time you dare to hope for a different outcome, your same-old-same-old sucker punches you in the gut with a big, fat, mocking smile on its face?

Well then, you must be extremely, if not dangerously tired of feeling like shit, dreading the sound of your alarm clock and living like a refugee in your own body. 

And with damn good reason too!

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling trapped in a life that constantly betrays your best efforts at positive thinking! There is nothing more excruciating than having your hopes dashed over and over again until you no longer have much faith that your life could turn out to be something truly rich and enjoyable.

Before you know it, you start COPING.

And coping is like a death sentence you have to serve out while you are alive to feel the rift between you and the world you are walking through.

Fuck that shit!    

I know. I know. Bold and beautiful as those words, are, a garden variety "Fuck that shit" isn't quite enough to cut it at this point. You are not feeling your moxie like you once did and you are fresh out of hope to boot. Worse yet, from where you are sitting, it seems like you have already done everything short of sacrificing a pair of virgin rats at dawn to solve the riddle of your sadness. And truthfully, if you thought it would help...Like right now, you are asking yourself, "Is she joking or is that a thing?"

You are also sick to death of half-ass solutions that leave you reeling and confused. This one says you need some kind of breakthrough. That one says you just need to change your thoughts. The other one tells you it's all about living your desire.

You want the complete solution that will allow you to finally let go of your pain so you can start enjoying who you are and what you are creating in your life.

Bottom Line: You are ready to add some real chutzpah to your FUCK-THAT-SHIT and trade in your anguish for passion, aliveness and a life that decidedly doesn't suck. Pity the next fool who offers you some get-happy-quick scheme all wrapped up in platitudes! 

You are also smart, educated and determined as fuck.

Whether you are a domestic queen with the kind of do-it-yourself skills that would put your grandma to shame, an entrepreneurial genius (look out ghost of Steve Jobs) or a hardened professional with more than a few letters behind your name, you DO NOT shrink from accomplishment. 

So why does living in this world as YOU have to hurt so damn much?

And why can't you crack this nut called happiness?

I'm guessing it's because you have a lot wrapped up in being able to do it on your own. After all, you are all you have ever had! To admit that your best thinking isn't good enough to put an end to your painful past and get you to the next level in your life...Well, let's just say that feels out of the question!

So, you hire self-proclaimed gurus, shamans and card readers (mostly to keep you company). You investigate alternative healing, read self-help books and go to personal development weekends (cuz people give judgement-free hugs there!).

Really, anything goes as long as no one gets too close and no one really challenges your sense that, at the end of the day, you really do know what's best. As a result, even though you can't seem to solve this conundrum, you also, ironically, can't seem to reach out for the answers that might really help you.

Okay, okay. I admit it. It's damn hard to find someone who isn't confused about which hole be in the ground and which one be lodged between their rosy red butt cheeks. But I am not buying that as the only reason you are still locked in an endless round of the Déjà Vu Blues. 

Warning: Hard Truth Dead Ahead...

You're afraid that if you really do get some informed, educated, effective assistance you might reveal some truly fatal flaw for which you will be punished, excluded or dismissed rather than helped.

I know because I have been there. It took a 300 ton intervention to break through my I-DON'T-NEED-YOUR-HELP shell. But when that shell finally broke, I learned a pretty vital lesson: 

You don't have to choose between keeping your sense of autonomy and emotional safety and getting the kind of help that really will challenge your status quo.

This seemingly polarized choice is your shame talking. But there is nothing at all for you to be ashamed of. Whatever you have done to make it this far, no matter how screwy, has been a feat of magnificence! It's just that the adaptations you made are not serving you very well as you work to break into your victory circle. The pain you are still carrying is slowing you way down.

But, in the end, there's basically nothing wrong with you that a little resolution and retooling can't fix!

That's why I created The Passion Path®.

Everything I do is about helping you to find more freedom and security within yourself, not less.

I'm all about helping you to experience a real sense of pleasure in who you are and in the life you are creating.

I also want you to see your own genius and harness it so we can craft innovative and satisfying solutions that will get you over the hump and on your way.

When you hire me, I will show you how to put the pain and lingering effects of your past to rest so you can finally invest fully in the potential of NOW. I will also teach you how to make that investment more successfully.

Hint: That total solution you have been craving...check the two sentences right behind ya.

Together we will break the strongholds that are keeping you stuck and start racking up the successes that will lead you forward.

I will give to you the experience of a relationship that is designed with only one aim in mind:

Helping you to find real freedom and pleasure in who you are so that you can finally create the kind of life that just might make your snooze alarm obsolete.  

Rise & shine anyone?

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Shocking Answer: You should definitely not believe me!

You should put me to the test and demand some hardcore proof.

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  • Figure out what is holding you back
  • Get a clear understanding of where you are now
  • Fashion a strategy for throwing that custom monkey wrench
    in your own personal brand of misery
  • Put me to the test &
  • Find out whether or not we make a good team.

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