Fabulous Fusion
Passion Integration

Any Garden Snake worth her salt knows the truth about the bittersweet taste of the forbidden fruit: It's seeds are made of desire and its juice of passion.

They can cast a thousand curses like storm clouds over the tree every time it yields its rich, red bounty. They can issue stern warnings of utopias lost to ward off your hunger for MORE. They can promise you a luxury suite for eternity if only you will bypass your destiny.

No matter!

It is impossible to destroy the essence of the fruit. The tree, likewise, can never be truly felled so long as you are alive.    

But it can be obscured, hidden beneath the brambles of suffering and struggle until the time is ripe for its discovery.   

This is what happened to you.

The bittersweet fruit made itself known and you tasted it. You revealed it in you!

Hatchet (or, um, gold scissors with green grips) in hand, during this experience, you will begin the process of clearing the thorny vines away. Hands aching, your arms still bearing the burgundy stripes left behind by your labor of love, you will stand not before the object of your ardent desire, but as the tree, full grown and beginning to blossom.

You are to be passion's harvest, if you choose it!

In this series of sessions, we will:

  • Destroy the lies and curses that still linger in your soul (the thorny vines);
  • Uncover your passionate (authentic) identity;
  • Craft passion's vision;Integrate your true identity.