Fabulous Fusion Guided Meditation: Activate Love

As you do the meditation, pay special attention to the wind (mental activity) and the heartbeat (emotions and passion). How do they fit together for you? How do you feel about them? Are they in conflict or harmonized?   

Did you love that?

So many people have gotten so much out of this first meditation. As a result, I have made it into a series.

The first installation of Activate Compassion is already up and waiting for your beautiful, attentive ears.

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All hale the bur in your saddle!

From metaphorical town to metaphorical town you have ridden in search of the thing that could finally bring some relief to your aching behind. Yet every single time you bought a new saddle or wrested the unwelcome visitor from the old one, there the blasted thing was again. Now you don't know whether to bow your head and cry, shake your fist and holler at the moon, or slap some anti-bacterial ointment on the ouch and just keep right on riding. 

What you can’t see (through the lens of your mounting frustration) is that, no matter where the dreaded irritant came from, your destiny long ago co-opted it. It has kept you moving, looking for the ultimate resolution. All along the way, you have had unexpected encounters, deep revelations, quiet inspirations, sudden transformations…But still the mighty little irritant persists!

Inch by inch, that bur in your saddle has driven you ever closer to the moment of your ultimate liberation.

I can hear you over there now cursing the very idea. You have seen with your own eyes! There isn’t a damn thing you or anyone else can do to oust the prickly little demon from beneath your raw and ragged derrière.

Ha! It’s true, neither tweezer nor scissor nor well-worded incantation can remove the bramble.

But would you truly wish to cut out a piece of your own soul just so you could achieve a more comfortable ride?   

I know right?! You weren't expecting that little plot twist. 

The again, come to think of it, maybe you were.

Something has been gathering energy, picking up momentum, making guest appearances during your otherwise peaceful nocturnal meanderings, not to mention, practically driving you mad with intrigue. But up until now, the risk of opening to it has seemed like too much to bear.

Or perhaps you have been too distracted by the war against your posterior “enemy?”

Either way, allow me to speak plainly!

Neither your continued efforts at destroying your discomfort nor your valiant efforts to make friends with the little devil will bring the change you so fervently desire.

Truthfully, you have a choice to make: You can either go on battling what is or you can learn to create with it. In other words, you can continue fighting for a thistle-free experience or you can bring in something novel and see how everything changes.

In short, it's not an extraction you need, but an integration. 

So stop turning off the lights and pretending you aren't home every time that persistent, but still somewhat vague, new acquaintance comes to call! 

I'll let you in on a little secret! That night-loving sojourner who has been traipsing through your REM (and otherwise working overtime to get your attention) is none other than your authentic identity. It's standing right here next to me waiting for you to come and play.

In fact, it's been horsing around (pun totally intended) with you all along. Just exactly how do you think that now infamous, undefeated bur found its way back into your saddle with such persistence?

Come on. Level with me! You know there is something you are meant to do!

You also know that, in order to do it, you are going to have to show up as the full expression of the very person you have been trying so hard to run away from being: YOU.

Now if we really get good and honest with each other, you are just about dying to do this! In fact, the little third-wheel in your saddle is really your own yearning in disguise. It's your own hunger to finally luxuriate in who you are! And I am here to tell you that it's completely possible to get there sooner than you ever imagined possible. You are way closer than you think.   


For a Good Time...

With Yourself!

Call Rebecka.

During this 3-hour adventure we will:

  • Confront the last barriers to the full expression of who you are;
  • Make peace with your past; and
  • Integrate your authentic identity.

Note: This experience is not for everyone. It is for people who have done considerable inner work already. If you are not sure this experience is right for you, get in touch with me before your book the session.