Ready to burn out some dead stuff?

Session Benefits:

  • Discover where you want to be
  • Gain clarity about where you are
  • Find out what is keeping you stuck
  • Learn how you can close the gap between the life you have and the one you want
  • Move beyond inspiring references to wildfire and shitty-life bonfires (i.e., put me to the test) and
  • Figure out whether you and I make a good team.

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Harness the Primal

Your primal instincts aren’t just for getting your toes tapping at one of those New Age drum circles.

They are valuable tools for sniffing out BS & ID-ING badass opportunities. 

In this program, we will recover your primal instincts from the rubbish bin and put them to work for you!

We will also confront the last frontier of your painful past. Together we will "rescue" the gifts and personality traits that you abandoned in the face of fear and unspeakable loss. 


  • Throw away your self help books
  • Fire your guru &
  • Go get yourself an adversary. 
  • Call me when you’ve got one!

Command Your Darkness


I’ve got a recipe for piss, vinegar & your original life.

Join me for this sojourn into the darkest of your own darkness.

During this 5-hour intensive, we will tap rage, confusion & lack of vitality as gateways to your desire.

We will also close the shame portals through which others are able to manipulate you.

Finally, you will cross the threshold into desire-centered living.


  • A healthy skepticism about "supposed to"
  • Grit, guts, stamina 
  • A powerful sense of irony &
  • Harness the Primal

Desire Immersion

Your life isn’t just what you do between pee breaks. It’s your one shot at making a spicy, red hot, IMPACT.

It’s also your one chance to create the kind of juicy, exhilarating experiences that will someday make your grand kids blush. 

Your desire is the key to it all!

In this program we will cultivate desire as the foundation of wisdom and the doorway to a life of meaning and connection that really turns you on. 

Finally, you will leave behind survivalist living and learn to integrate the skills, traits and rituals of thriving.


  • More determination than you ever thought possible 
  • An insatiable hunger for MORE &
  • Harness the Primal + Command Your Darkness 

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To Find Out What to Do
When Life Has You By The Tail!

Your crisis is to opportunity as smoke is to fire: a dead giveaway.  

In other words, you are about to master this mess and come out the other side shining like the Dog Star on a cloudless night. But right now that sounds like nothing more than a stinking pile of platitudes. 

Am I right? 

Of course it does because at this moment, your world is spinning like some out of control tea cup ride at the amusement park from hell. You want more than anything to stop the ride, punch the zombie ride operator in the face and get on with your life.

Yet deep down, you also know that while you can’t go back, you also don’t have a clue how to go forward.  Worse yet, the strategies that once worked so well for you now only seem to invite your challenges to DOUBLE DOWN.

That’s part of the reason for all the shaking and rolling. You are stuck in the wild, gyrating tension between where you were and where you are going.  

In short, you are in the middle of one mother of a lawless transition that feels about as under control as a full throttle rocket engine with no steering mechanism. 

And that’s about the best news I have given anyone all day! 

I’m here to tell you, this bedlam isn’t just God’s way of making you hurl. It’s your path back to yourself. 

Come on. Let’s be real, for a long time, you have wanted change and you have also been dawdling in the comfort of your easy chair. 

This life anarchy is your wake-up call.

It’s also the opportunity of a lifetime.  

All you need to do is figure out how to master the maelstrom. 

Easier said than done, ay?  

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a grade A, superstar chaos jockey in order to saddle up and ride this 500 horsepower crisis. 

You just have to know one! 

That’s where I come in. 

I am as comfortable in the middle of the disaster as I am in the middle of the sweet spot. 

I know how to speak to the core of the upheaval and command it to yield it's treasure. 

Beyond that, I will accompany you right into the core of your chaos.

I'll stand with you in the eye of the storm.  

With me by your side, you won’t just face your challenges, you’ll take hold of the steering mechanism that will turn your full throttle nightmare into a full blown crisis navigation system. 

From there it’s ride baby ride. 

Before it’s over, you will master your mayhem and turn your upset into your own personal UPRISING. 

Giddy Up. Let’s Go!

Feeling feisty? 

Your Unassailable Life Is Closer Than You Imagine!

Session Benefits:

  • Discover where you want to be
  • Gain clarity about where you are
  • Get a handle on exactly what is keeping you stuck
  • Learn how you can close the gap between the life you have and the one you want
  • Find out if I can really charm the zombie ride operator and spark an Uprising in your life (i.e., put me to the test) and
  • Figure out whether you and I make a good team.

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