Bitter Sweet Irony, Isn't It?

You have never wanted anything as much as you want this. At the same time, it feels so out of reach.

Out of reach enough to make you give up almost entirely! As far as you are concerned, it lives on the other side of a divide you feel certain you can't cross.

Yet, the object of your ardent, yet ever so slightly melancholy, desire won't seem to give up.

There the blasted thing is now yodeling to you across the fire-drenched gulf that has become your nemesis. Oh, and there you are, facing the blazing heat without so much as a bucket of water.

How do I know this? For one thing I have been there.

For another, I am standing right behind you dreaming your dream, hoping against hope for your passion's full awakening. Can you feel my metaphorical tap on your shoulder?

When I am near, do you feel a twinge of pain and an inexplicable surge of hope in your tender, yearning heart?

That's because I am on the dream team. I belong to that persistent Yodelayheehoo that keeps stalking you. I have consecrated my life to it.

Maybe that is why your Yodelayheehoo sent me over here to offer you a flame retardant suit. It asked me to raise your sanguine expectations.

It's no accident that darn dream of yours is yodeling by the way!

Yodelayheehoo: A triumphant exclamation of feeling that can be spoken and heard as spirited celebration or earnest sorrow and can be used by merely uttering the word or yodeling it’s context in a sobering nature. Can be used as a quick surprise and or a sudden hello and greeting or even a form of goodbye and salutation but is also used sometimes unawares, unconsciously or even in an unpredetermined moment of outcry by it’s user. On rare occasion it’s use can be broadcast as meaning “Do you know what I mean?” and “Are you for real?” Even rarer is it’s use in regards to a yummy personality or bodily figure...Altogether - an encompassing word for an “at the moment” happening, gesture, suggestion, outreach.
— Urban Dictionary

Oh, and yes. I am totally for real! And a yummy personality to boot. If I do say so myself. {winkedy-wink-wink}

In all seriousness, if the possibility of having the life you yearn to live were not a possibility that I have actually opened up in my own life, I would, dear reader, never venture to tap your upper torso, not even metaphorically!

But rest assured I am not, nor is that dreamer's serenade echoing through the canyon of your life, a figment of your imagination. In fact, that serenade is streaming out from the part of you that is still untarnished by the anguish of this world, your past, the weight of all those dastardly disappointments...

As for that rendezvous with your passion...

What can I say? I guess you could turn the volume down on your passion medley and just keep right on galloping towards a gulf of a different kind. That other one, seductive as it may be, is a fire-free zone to be sure. 

But I gotta warn you. It's filled to the brim with the remnants of regret.

I won't lie to you. Some people do make it out the other side of Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda-Valley and then they learn to dance like weightless fairies whilst pulling down their monthly pensions. There's a beauty all its own in that!

But I have to tell you another truth: Death Valley is stuffed to the gills with the rotting bones of the yodeling dreams gone by. They belong to those wayward souls (numbered in the millions) who took time for granted.

Tickety Toc. Tickety Toc.

Make it stoooopppp!

Speaking of time passing...

Let's pass some time together!

I've got great plans for us. I have prepared a very special guided meditation for you. I have wrapped it up in a 1.5 hour strategy session and slapped a pretty satin bow on top (red, of course). How could you resist?!

During our session we will:

  •  Translate your Yodelayheehoo into a vivid picture of what you truly desire;
  • Paint a really detailed picture of where you are now;
  • Find out what is hidden in the fiery chasm that seems to be separating you from your dreams;
  • Create your customized strategy for traversing the great divide;
  • Discover whether The Passion Path® is the stuff your dreams are made of; &
  • Have a rollicking good time getting to know each other.

It'll cost you more than a happy ending massage (not that I have ever had one 😈).

But I can guarantee you two things or your money back:

The Vice Squad will not interrupt your bliss. And You're worth it!

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