Hello, this is the operator.
I've got your dream on the line.

You want to reach for the receiver. You really do. But, in this moment, you are meeting your fear in all its dazzling wonder - by design, I might add.

I've invited fear to come and play! It's been hiding in the shadows sabotaging you anyway. Draining your energy, blocking your joy, telling lies...

In the moonlight-shadows cast by your own trembling, all the reasons to undertake this journey and all the obstacles stoking your anxiety merge and suddenly appear as one big dazzling illusion of STUCKNESS.

You can no longer tell the difference between that tiny glowing ember of hope we awakened in our first session and the crippling hopelessness that has gripped much of your adult life.

No matter how hard you try, your feet cannot seem to move. You become like a cartoon character running in place to the sound of an endless loop that says you can't rely on your dreams, on me, or on yourself, for that matter.

Pitter-Patter, Pitter-Patter. You are up against your own resistance.

Change costs and you are not sure you can pay the price.

But I am here to tell you that the foundation has already been laid and the time is ripe for you to expand into your dreams and desires. Am I talking about overnight change? Not at all. I am talking about change that is gradually introduced until YOU OWN IT!  

There are no get-happy-quick schemes here, no magic potions or miracle cures. There are just a bevy of fresh ideas, new approaches and intuitive solutions that will take you from the grips of fear and hopelessness to the focused application of your own creative energy in service of your dreams.

So, relax. Park your past disappointments and your cynical certainty that none of this is really possible so we can knock this thing out and be on our merry way!

In this initiatory session, we will confront your resistance together and I will help you break free of your fearful illusions! We will transform your obstacles into allies and move the journey forward.

Resistance Schmistance!
I've Got Your Fear Burner Right Here.