The Resurrection Stories

You just put your ruinous past shame. That thing that was killing your spark finally met its match IN YOU.

You took the heavy, pain-striped heart handed to you on the treacherous, leaden platter of other people's choices and turned it into a flowing Artesian well pumping out the pure gold of self love and aliveness.

You turned the entrenched, self-destructive, life patterning that once held your potential in its grips upside down and inside out until, shaking like a leaf in a windstorm, your old patterns had no choice but to let you go.

You now belong to PASSION and to the responsibility you have taken on to live it in its original expression, uniquely manifested in and through your life.

What a Gift You Are!

Now we are going to celebrate and cement the experience.

We are wired for story!

With our words, we can lay the past to rest with finality. Even better yet, we can prophecy a new future, literally evoking it with the story of who we are becoming.

In this session we are going to do just that.

Together, we will craft your Resurrection Story and add it to the collective wisdom and beauty of all the Resurrection Stories gone by. These sacred stories contain the recorded history of the yodeling dreams made real and brought to life on the The Passion Path®, the ragged edge that emerged between hopelessness and hope sustained.

Pomegranate Revolution Indeed!