Severing the False Identity

Hidden enemies, false friends, clandestine betrayals and outright thuggery...

This is how life unfolds when your habits, patterns and ways of relating were handed down to you by people who sucked at loving and whose intentions for you might not have even been entirely honorable. You had to adapt to their bullshit in order to survive and now you are stuck in survival mode.

You are living through a perilous kind of consciousness that stifles vitality, turns off the spigot on creativity, sedates your passion and blocks your dreams. This propagator of wanton self-destruction has shaped the habits and patterns of your life. It is even wired into your brain (physically).

It is also embodied in the people around you who pursue their own agenda at the cost of your potential (largely without consequence).

Bottom Line: Your identity has a false imprint on it that is destructive to your potential.

Key, Super-Important Distinction:

If you have a hole in your castle wall and someone uses that hole to come in and steal from you, it is never your fault they stole.


At the same time, you will be way better off if you close the hole, don't you think?

That way you can put down your semi-automatic weapon and get some shuteye now and again.

Together we will sever the false identity imprint created by the anti-thriving patterns of your past. In so doing, we will flip this whole equation by placing the power of conscious destruction in your hands. You will use it to bury theself-destructive patterns that are holding you back.


In this series of sessions, we will use ritual to:

  • Sever all ties with everything that is inconsistent with the full expression and embodiment of your potential;
  • Liberate the flow of your passion;
  • Expressly ground all the resources, experiences and protection you will need as you walk through the process of claiming your wholeness and beginning to live as the walking, talking, embodiment ofyour talents and gifts; &
  • Set the stage for the eventual consecration of your life to your authentic identity.

You will then take your first tremulous steps into the search for the hidden treasures that lie dormant or trapped in your own dark crevices and shadowy places.

I can't take the suspense. Give me my strategy session already!