Primal Wisdom & Soul Restoration

Throw away your self help books
Fire your guru &
Go get yourself an adversary.
Call me when you've got one!

And Stop With the Love Already! You know what comes before love, compassion and forgiveness?

Hatred & one hell of a reckoning!

Don't even bother talking to me about love and compassion until you have taken a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of the shit that happened to you and actually taken the time to touch the reality of how you feel about it.

Why am I saying this? Very simply put, one of the primary and long lasting effects of extended, inescapable trauma is the suppression and/or distortion of the primal instincts that would otherwise prompt us to spring into powerful, effective and self-protective action.  

The end result? A learned pattern of helplessness, self betrayal and a life frozen in the habits and relationship patterns of trauma.

Come on. You know what I am talking about! Healthy relationships and sustained, satisfying experiences are to you as the peak of Mt. Everest is to an unskilled climber: unattainable.

Plus, even an attempt at the "summit" could cost you everything with the wrong kind of training and that's precisely what you have received.

Extended trauma trains us to habitually:

  • Suppress what we know in favor of what we need to believe;
  • Extend empathy to those who hurt us to the exclusion of caring for ourselves; &
  • Distract ourselves with busyness instead of taking clear, effective action;
  • Bury violation instead of feeling it and coming to terms with it;
  • Collapse into helplessness and dependence;
  • Substitute other people's needs and desires for our own;
  • Fight and/or pine when disengaging would be more effective;
  • Disengage when remaining connected would usher in a new experience; &
  • Abandon any part of us that feels too risky to express.  

These are just some of the habits and patterns that keep you stuck in a never ending cycle of here-we-go-again relationships and experiences that range from frustrating and unsatisfying to dangerous as hell.

Fortunately, you don't have to choose between lobotomizing your impulse to live with a certain amount of gusto and continuing to suffer in the kind of spawn-of-trauma nightmares that leave you feeling drained and distressed.

You just have to finally grieve your losses and then get in touch with your base, primal instincts so you can put them to work for you.

If that sounds like a pretty tall (and even slightly bizarre) suggestion, don't worry. You don't have to do this alone. I will be with you every step of the way.   

In this series of sessions, we will:

  • Confront and resolve the traumatic experience of your past;
  • Extend love and compassion to the most wounded and alienated parts of yourself;
  • Recover and re-integrate traits and aspects of yourself that you once rejected in the face of terrible fear and loss;
  • Revive and re-calibrate your killer instinct;
  • Violate taboos that have kept you locked in trauma bonds;Participate as a powerful protagonist in your own healing;
  • Grieve your loss; &
  • Rejuvenate your potential.

Party At Rebecka's.
Bring Your Soul Parts!