Additional Testimonials

Sarah Ramsdell ∞ California, USA

Rebecka is a fearless guide who walks with you through the flames that burn away all that doesn't serve your highest potential. Cheering you on and empowering you while sharing wisdom, truth and tools the whole way. It's as if she looks inside you, sees what's not working and fixes it, reconnecting you fully to your own inner magic.

Rebecka is a midwife, expertly guiding as you birth your desires into the world then supporting you as you nurture them along. She is a woman you want in your corner!

Mark Lobato ∞ Connecticut, USA

Rebecka is a wild, magic woman.

She devotes herself to walk with you.

She is someone you want by your side when staring your demons in the face.

Rebecka has that rare mix of toughness & tenderness.

Lori Williams ∞ California USA

I am embracing my joy and fulfillment like never before. Rebecka is my game changer.

Hillary Brumley ∞ United States

Rebecka makes me feel as if I harbor a secret, that when revealed, will be a catalyst for catharsis and claiming of my ultimate power.  

Maggie Toole ∞ Scotland

Wow I've just had the most amazing session with Rebecka. The speed with which she got to the heart of the matter and uncovered my real passion was frankly freeking amazing. She is the first coach I've come across who's focused on my strengths and really made me feel great about my life. Don't get me wrong my weaknesses were not ignored they were uncovered along with the heart of the matter and blown away. I came away knowing what my real life passion is, what's missing and more importantly an action plan to get what I want. Thanks!

LH ∞ Missouri, USA

Even though I have been doing this work for only a short time, the openings and shifts are so huge and beyond my expectations. I have been working with sexual and emotional trauma and have been feeling stuck despite how much healing work I’ve done around these issues. Rebecka offers such a needed but rare perspective. She is strong but so compassionate. Just before I started working with her I felt strongly I needed to get past all belief systems and really get to my own true voice, and I felt there is also a lot of dogma in New Age approaches and it wasn’t helping me. Then she suddenly shows up on my radar. I love that I’m finding the gifts and wisdom in my instincts and don’t need to “overcome” them but rather honor them and listen to them. She opens the door for me to listen to myself with compassion.

Trisha Simmons ∞ Illinois, USA

Firebrand group work has taken me through some profound self-realizations. This integration takes dedication and work, but the class of group members chosen by Rebecka to witness and support each other's growth into passionate warriors as well as Rebecka’s focused and skillful mentoring is invaluable. The meditations and visualizations engaged my vital force to move stagnant energy blocked from a lifetime of interacting in a system of domination. The transformation and mental clarity is exhilarating.

Anne Young ∞ Ireland

Have you had enough of the fluffy new age fairy tales?

Are you prepared to role up your sleeves and delve into yourself?

If you are ready to truly Come Alive, once and for all....this is the place to be!

No slacking, no your true potential.

Meera Ayoub ∞ Maui, Hawaii USA

Integration is dirty work. It's not glamorous. Its not love and light. It is dirty work.

Deep down, I always knew this. Yet I longed for integration. I longed to be whole, to own my own dream and to walk my path.

So, I did what most people do. I avoided the work while attempting to satisfy my deep need with the gimmicks and ploys; gurus and philosophies of love and light. I changed my thinking. I forgave. I was so effective at changing my thinking and focusing only on love and light, in fact, that I walked into a destructive hell without realizing it for years. And worst still, I remained unfulfilled. I began to believe that fulfillment was just not in the cards for me.

But that internal spark remained.... and I began to remember. I came across an article written by Rebecka. My body vibrated with truth as I read it and I knew that even though I didn't quite grasp it all yet, this was where I needed to go. I was afraid but I also had nothing left to lose.

Now I have come out the other side of the "Coming Alive" foundational work and for the first time in my life, I am truly alive. I have stepped out of the dominant energy paradigm.

I am alive to myself, my dreams, my fulfillment. My sense of worth is internalized and I have learned to discern and protect myself from predatory and oppressive energies.

In. A. Matter. Of. Months.

You can spend decades and tens of thousands of dollars on therapy and spiritual bypass. But this program is direct fucking access. Nurture your fears or your dreams. Up to you.

But I'm getting dividends & royalties from my work with you, Rebecka.

The benefits continue to come!

Janine Marie ∞ New York, USA

I don’t know if I could even put into words the depth this work is taking in my life. Repeated patterns that have perpetuated chaos for years are in an instant crystal clear and what is left in the moment is choice, pure and simple. I am seeing behaviors from shadow and past wounding so clearly. I am also matter-of-fact-ly refusing to allow patterns of domination to continue. I think what I am most amazed by is the ease in which it is all occurring. My only struggle is my own resistance and fear.

Gill Potter ∞ Author of Sacred Paths Entwined ∞ Scotland

Rebecka is 100% on your side to achieve your hopes & dreams...& will not take any bullshit either.

A very worthy investment!

Susan Cote ∞ Connecticut, USA

Rebecka is there in your hardest moments; available to hear where you have been. She uses her deep presence and knowledge to lead you to the passion path you came here to live!

I was just thinking today how good it feels that the ropes have been cut and I am free! Passion is pouring forth. I am enough.

Jen Kahn ∞ Oregon, USA

Rebecka is truly able to hold space for whatever comes up. She is also a gifted seer who can see right to the point of the underlying fray. She holds herself and her clients to a high level of responsibility for process and for life. And why not? This is how we create effectively. She is compassionate, loving, strong, fierce, and joyful. When we began our work together I was in the throws of recovering from illness - I was fighting, but I had never actually allowed myself to really 'be' ill. During our work together she stood by me as I descended, and met, the face of my illness, and continued to support me as I climbed back out. While all this was happening I was already very much in a place where I was consciously creating my life, but it just wasn't working the way I wanted it to. I can honestly say today that I am finding my feet.

Felicia Calabria ∞ Massachusetts, USA

Regarding Firebrand Group Program: I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so safe and understood in a circle of women before this. I’m most struck by this realization. I feel like taking a big sigh and saying finally!

Lynn Paterson ∞ Ireland

So grateful to be working with you Rebecka - the work you do is phenomenal and liberating unlike any other.

Kelly ∞ Texas, USA

Some of us don't get light from sitting around singing "Kumbaya" and roasting marshmallows.

We draw a line in the dirt and invite the bad to come on over.

Then we light that shit up, and walk away.

Rebecka helped me to see that that is exactly what works for some of us.

It is from light focused into my darkest corners that I have found the most beautiful me.

Thank you, Rebecka.

Meera Ayoub ∞ Maui, Hawaii, USA

Rebecka guides not by walking before me or by directing me but rather by illuminating and making clear my own unique and individual path. She is a true teacher in the sense that she does not provide answers but allows me to see them. Working with her has opened me to my own source, allowed me to embrace my darkness and become more wholly integrated, and dive more fully and powerfully into the mystery. Life is exponentially richer and more rewarding.

Vanessa Hill ∞ Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Rebecka Eggers, your dedication, strength, honesty, and non saccharine approach has been so inspiring and has raised the bar on what I think I am capable of. That is a great gift, and I thank you.

Mia Saenz ∞ Boniardi California, USA

There are many healers in our world, but not many that take you on a healing journey the way Rebecka does. I know this to be true because I am a healer and the experience I had with Rebecka was beautiful, and most importantly effective. I found her work unique as all amazing healers are, and the impact was profound. I felt great afterward and continue to feel more balanced. I have found that the best healing work is experiential. Rebecka allowed me to heal myself through discovery that was safe, nurturing and very rich in the process. If she wasn’t such a blessed healer I would not have experienced it the way I did. Thank you Rebecka.

Lisa ∞ Chicago, Illinois, USA

I have experienced a shift that I have been dreaming about for a very long time and I feel like I'm finally connected to a god I can love. This is HUGE.

Chloe Jeffreys ∞ USA

Feeling lost and confused, I sought out Rebecka. Very quickly Rebecka was able to help me see that my external circumstances, which seemed very real and overwhelming at the time, were really nothing more than an annoying distraction preventing me from focusing on what was important: an upcoming trip to Haiti where I served as a midwife and discovered that supporting moms and newborns is my life path.

Carla Sanders ∞ USA

Rebecka held strong space, and let me have my journey without interference. Our work opened the door to a descent into facing a lot of fears and darkness. One doesn’t work with Rebecka to have an easy journey. You will do what is necessary to bring your light and your power into the world. I did. I am grateful for Rebecka holding space for my journey.

When I scheduled my session with Rebecka, I’d been carrying a heartbreak for nearly two years, and it had worn me down. I did not know how to regain the energy and power I had given away to this situation, and it was stopping me from creating what I want in my life.

After just one session, I was finally able to regain my power. I also learned the remedy for being stuck. My remedy is the thing I am most afraid of -- I must ask for what I want. Finally I am moving again!

Sarah Ramsdell ∞ California, USA

Rebecka, thank you. You're an incredible guide and teacher. You inspire me deeply and thoroughly. None of that surface bullshit from you unless it serves a deeper purpose.

Valerie ∞ Maryland, USA

During our session, Rebecka helped me bring forth my mountain lion mamma to take care of my little wild child I had locked in a box. I have done all of this inner child work - but this was different. Let yourself dive in!

Kara ∞ Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

If anyone can coach my heart and soul, it’s Rebecka.

Chris ∞ New York, New York, USA

Rebecka is kind, listens openly, and asks all the right questions, openly and nonjudgmentally. We identified feelings that I’d never put into words before – she’s definitely great at finding connections.

Dina ∞ New Hampshire, USA

Working with Rebecka has been extremely beneficial for me. Her keen insight, depth, warmth, awareness and guidance have helped me immensely. Her coaching technique was personalized for me and she fully met me where I was. Together we were able to bring me to a better place. She is genuine, easy to talk to, non-judgmental and was fully supportive of me. It was a privilege to work with her, and I look forward to doing it again. She is amazing.

Marcia ∞ Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Rebecka reached out to me and offered her services as a life coach when I was facing a time of transition. Her intuition is what brought us together and her compassion is what kept us together. She knew the powerful questions to ask me even before I knew I needed the significant learning that came from those powerful questions. Rebecka is one of the most intuitive, insightful, authentic people I’ve ever met. She helped me think differently exactly when I needed to do so, and I’m thankful for her presence in my life.