Dream Alchemy: The Revelation Story

Your Invitation
to the Dream Realization Adventure
of a Lifetime

Every word in this invitation is magic. Every sound is a symbol. Let this experience deliver you to the threshold of your inner world, where, by your breath and through your Word, you will come alive to your potential. 

In ancient Egypt, words were considered to have "a living presence." Tehuti (aka Thoth), the god of words, is the medium through which Divine will is expressed. He is the power of "speech and creation."

In and through this journey, Dream Alchemy, The Revelation Story, you are claiming this alchemical power for yourself. You are working with words of power (and with the power of words) to speak your dream into existence and to give it the gravity and power of the physical world through the written word (both those words you read or hear along the way and those you speak and write).

Of equal importance, you are traveling through time and across dimensions as you call yourself into wholeness and on into your destiny, Word by Word. Breath is your vehicle.

In short, Dream Alchemy is a journey of words expressly born of the Egyptian Mysteries and of your purpose.  

When I read about this program, it made me salivate. I can’t wait to get started.
— Vanessa Benavides

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