You are the quintessential wounded warrior! 

And this little missive isn't just fodder for the gaping maw of a boring afternoon. 

It's your invitation to the quest of a lifetime!

I bet you've already got your boots on, ay? 

(Relax hon, there's no award for coming in first where we're going!)

Now, I already know that you take to challenge like new age hipster takes to yoga. 

But I have to ask: Are you ready for this challenge? 

The Invitation

Right now you are like a small child waving a light saber at the sky.

Your battle cry: "Are you for me or against me?" Yet sadly no one and nothing passes muster! Sooner or later even heaven becomes your enemy. Only heaven cannot be defeated and so simply smiles and laughs at your game. Your first taste of levity! 

Up until now, you have been sheltered by the hard shell of your anger and by the unrelenting eye of your suspicion. Your armor is lined with the bitter, heavy fragments of your past.  All around you, lie the bodies of those who have tried to love you. You are surrounded by an endless wasteland of possibilities forfeited to the sharpness of your tongue and the premature strike of your sword. 

Before today, you couldn't even imagine breaking free; you had no desire to break out of your prison of rage. It has always just seemed that your true potential would simply remain forever ensconced in this "safe," isolated graveyard of potential.

But you have begun to stir. In fact, if you look closely, you will see. Your thoughts are ablaze with ideas about closeting your armor and holstering your sword. 

Against the odds, whether you have noticed or not, you are planning an Uprising, a revolution of peace! Otherwise, what are you doing here?  

As for me? I have come to echo the call of your heart. I invite you to journey with me into your authentic power. I hope to inspire you to conquer your own highest potential. 

Should you accept my invitation, along the way, we will encounter both the breathtaking beauty and the wretched, gut wrenching ugliness of that which has sustained you until now. This is but one leg of a vast journey. We will also discover your greatness. Then, towards the end, we will open up a new horizon and chart the course towards your renaissance.     

So, I ask again, are you ready? Of course, you don't feel quite so ready now! Plus, you are still hung up on the word WE. You are so accustomed to the staring role! Alas, you have come up against the first challenge. Sooner or later, you must learn to journey with another. 

Will you take my hand? 

Before you decide, I believe a tribute is in order!

The Gift

Along life's highway, you have encountered the kind of carnage that almost always breaks the will. But you didn’t let it break yours. In fact, you learned to fight for yourself in rough terrain. You became a fierce advocate for your own needs and desires right in the middle of the maelstrom. You also developed a keen and clever mind. Chances are you have a a dazzling and seductive personality too. You could charm the pants off a bronze statue, am I right?

I humbly bow to you!

The Curse

I also cringe at the sight of your steely eyes. 

Truthfully, it's those eyes that prompted me to ask if you are ready. They contain a somber truth about the way you have lived your life. Not a trace of the pain you have experienced lives on in your eyes. Not an ounce of empathy wets the irises. 

Everyone says the eyes are the window to the soul and in yours I see only cold, hard determination, the reflection of your Take No Prisoners Attitude. You are merciless. Don't get me wrong. Just as I said, you are to be celebrated for preserving your will.

But your exercise of your will knows no boundaries! 

And that is the problem. 

In your attempt to keep yourself "safe," you became that which you once so courageously resisted.  

When the shit hits the fan (i.e., when you are facing a crisis, experiencing fear, not getting what you want, feeling crowded by someone who got too close emotionally etc.), all your charm evaporates, your surface restraints blow apart and the gloves come OFF.

The price you have paid for your wounds is almost unthinkable. Your true and natural potential lies trapped beneath layer after layer of anger, contempt and entitlement. Eventually, these layers always surface and they prevent you from creating the kind of life you truly desire.

When the chips are down, you get dirty. When you are afraid, you get mean. The only safety you know how to create is the kind hard won by brute force and control.

In your relationships, you expect others to serve and to please you. First you seduce with your charm and then you go in for the sadistic victory.  

In fact, I think I saw the Marque de Sade peaking through your windows looking for new material just the other day.

Your cruelty is legendary.  

Your relationships are like prisons. The price of being in proximity to you is compliance and dedication to your agenda. You reject anyone you can't dominate or control, anyone who is no longer useful to you and anyone you believe will reject you.

You are also self righteous to a fault. You have been so wounded that the very idea that someone else has a point or that you are imperfect is a luxury you can't afford to indulge.

Most people, including therapists and healers, have typically given up on you or wish they could. They mistake your defenses (entitlement, contempt, control and brute force) for something truly sinister. Some people have even called you a sociopath (maybe just not to your face).

By now you may be very lonely, and despite everything, you may also yearn for sustainable, safe and healthy connection. Possibly you are even desperate to get to the root of your problem so you can finally move on to a place of real happiness and even, dare I say, joyful relating. Perhaps there are even dreams beckoning that will require a more peaceful connection to other people. At long last, maybe you are longing for MORE. 

The Challenge

Longing isn't enough!  

I am going to tell it to you straight up! The odds are stacked against you. Power and control are incredibly seductive defenses. Once we learn to protect ourselves by dominating others, it becomes incredibly difficult to give up this high ground. The only other alternative appears to be the role of the subservient victim and that is an intolerable option. 

But thankfully, you don't have to choose between being a monster and being eaten alive by one!

You also don't have to turn into a sappy new age marshmallow. S'mores anyone? Oops, did I say that out loud? 

Instead, you can do the work necessary to stop living as the shadowy warrior filled with hatred and contempt. You can choose to unleash the heart and soul of who you naturally are: The Archetypal Warrior.

As the Archetypal Warrior, you will live an open-hearted life of accomplishment and commitment. Instead of being reviled by your peers and intimates for your cold hearted tactics, you can be admired for your exacting strategies, your compassion and your impressive contributions to a world standing on the precipice of destruction.

In fact, here's a another little dose of truth for you: This world needs you. So get your head out of your ass before it's too late. 

Should you choose to remove your skull from the interior of your posterior region, you will, in fact, be accepting the invitation to the aforementioned quest of a lifetime.  

During this whopper of an adventure, you will have to undertake the ultimate transformation from narcissistic defense to selfless service and from the merciless pursuit of your own agenda to living in gracious allegiance to a cause greater than you are.

To become the Archetypal Warrior is to surrender completely to vision, mission and purpose.

Your absolute fidelity (or as close as you can get) will be required.  

In other words, you must become utterly devoted to discovering and bringing your authentic passion to the world, not just for yourself, but for the wider benefit of all those who touch your gifts. In order to do so, you will face the enormous challenge of learning to live in harmony and community.

The Elixir

Selflessness & Fidelity!

This selflessness (with a dollop of self discipline on the side) is the anti-venom cocktail that will transform you from a pariah to a participant. Likewise, your fidelity to a cause greater than you are will serve as the bolt cutters you will use to cut yourself loose from your own narcissistic defenses, and most importantly, from your profound loneliness. Your commitment to bringing your gifts to this world will be the lancet you use to drain the buried anguish and the putrid stain of loss from your own heart. It will also be the very thing that trains you to put your sword to powerful and creative new uses (armor optional).  

The Core Challenge

Again, I won't sugar coat it. The stakes are incredibly high.

You became who you are as a result of circumstance no one should ever have to face. In order to cross over from where you are to where you desire to be, there is no doubt about it. Finally, you will have to face all of it. 

During your quest to unleash the Archetypal Warrior, you will confront your painful past like never before. You will come face to face with the abandoned child, the tortured young soul who took the blows over and over again. This will not be easy because the person you have held in the highest contempt is actually your young self.  The gifts, traits, weaknesses and strengths that you have scapegoated in a vain attempt to distance yourself from the things that happened to you will be the very things you must reclaim and develop as you walk the path of the Archetypal Warrior.

Your NEVER AGAIN has become the prison that secrets away the very things you now need most: your tender open heart, your vulnerability and your tears. It is through grief that you will emerge from the pain of your wounds and the even more painful defenses you adopted in order to make it this far. It is through opening your heart that you will find the kind of connection that will sustain your fidelity and the cause to which you will pledge yourself. 

When you can finally see that against the sky, a sword is just a blunt object, you will begin to develop the power of stillness and silence. In in the midst of this tranquility, you will encounter yourself, and hopefully something truly worthy of your surrender. 

Perhaps ironically, through your ultimate submission you will finally come into your highest potential and your greatest power. 

The Finale

Ultimately, as you develop into the Archetypal Warrior, you will come to understand the relational price of your unchecked aggression and control: abject loneliness.  You will take the time and put in the effort to develop real empathy for yourself and those around you. At long last, you will be able to build the intimate relationships you so long to experience. Love and support will finally call you into the sweet embrace of community.

Through persistent and effective action that is expressly tied to vision, mission and purpose you will also begin to channel your considerable power and strength of will into the realization of your full potential - and perhaps, into your most cherished dreams and desires. 

The Celebration   

Now, do you hear that clinking sound? 

That is the sound of champagne toasts jubilantly offered in celebration of your dreams realized and your desire for love finally developed on the tender point of hope that has kept you reading all the way to this glorious end.


A New Beginning

Are you ready to continue the journey that will bring the wounded warrior to peace and unleash the power and clarity of the Archetypal Warrior?    

Don’t let that feeling of readiness fade! Take the next step.  

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After the session, the journey begins. Here is a quick synopsis of what lies ahead: 

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