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The Resurrection Practices

Rome wasn't built in a day. Nor was it constructed our of fairy dust.

You've created the blueprint, consecrated yourself to it, taken on your passionate, authentic identity and prophesied your brilliant, bright, shining future.

You are now the original, sparkly star born of the debris floating in your own darkness.

Now what?!

That's the question that prudence dictates you ask yourself every single day from here on out. It is also the question that must find its answer in deep roots: The Resurrection Practices.

Without the practices, your resurrection is just a lot of energy moving. In other words, what goes up must come down, albeit in a new way!

It's Time to Ground!

Resurrection: The moment when the path of trials gives way to ease of movement on the path of destiny through faith evidenced in the practice of gratitude and adherence to the vision of abundance.

Up until now, your consciousness and your potential were locked in a negative feedback loop. That feedback loop still exists in your mind. The complete rewiring derives from the daily practice of a whole new mental framework that emanates from wholeness.

In these sessions, we will install the new wiring through the conscious practice of:

  • Grace (aka ease of movement);
  • Gratitude (believing and speaking);
  • Committed Visioning (holding your center and staying connected to the outcome you desire);
  • Abundance (aka staying connected to the supply source); &
  • Faith (that which delivers the evidence of things hoped for aka committed believing, speaking and action).

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