The Gathering of Resources
& The Restoration of Hope

Something is missing & it ain't just the holes in the Swiss cheese!

You have known this all your life. You have felt like other people had inside information about how to stabilize themselves in rough times and live joyfully in their thriving the rest of the time. 

You have spent a thousand hours mourning the loss of your own stability and the destruction of your potential (even as you insisted nothing was actually wrong!). Life has been an uphill battle that even you didn't fully understand.

I am here to tell you that you, in all your brilliant knowing, have been right all along! Your life has been harder.

A healthy, well founded upbringing gives us resources for the lives we will craft when the time is right.

Very simply put, your less-than-ideal past has robbed you of critical resources both for dealing with crisis and for living a flourishing life. Crisis has been your normal.

Chief among these vital, missing resources is sustainable hope. Without hope to drive us forward, we will never act on our own behalf. Until we can believe that change is possible and that it is worth it, we will never stand in the refining fire of our passionate desire for MORE (at least not for long!).

Hope is essential now. It is the foundation of everything that will sustain you through this process. Yet, in order to survive a hopeless past, you have all but killed off anything that even looks like positive expectation.

In this series of sessions, we will

  • Expressly reclaim your hope;
  • Strengthen your ties to your passion & desire; &
  • Restore other key resources you will need in order to traverse your Passion Path.

Where have you been all my life, Rebecka?!